It's Not Too Late to Help Asia Society Students Left Homeless by Hurricane Sandy

View from a Staten Island public park. (Tomathon/Creative Commons)

News of Hurricane Sandy is disappearing from the headlines. But the devastation remains, including for many students in Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network.

The storm took a particularly brutal toll at the Staten Island borough of New York City, where the College of Staten Island High School for International Studies (CSI for short) is based. Students at CSI work every day to prepare for college and the interconnected world beyond.

While the CSI school did not suffer significant damage, 15 of its students lost their homes to the storm, and the homes of many more students suffered damage, the loss of utilities, and other hardships. Many families have been displaced from their homes — and in some cases, it’s still unclear when it will be deemed safe to return.

Asia Society has made an appeal to its worldwide family to help with monetary donations that will be given directly to the families. Read the letter from the Asia Society leaders. Our members have been generous: approxiamately $17,000 has been raised for victims so far. But more is needed.

The Asia Society worldwide family makes a difference in how the world is shaped every day. We're very thankful to be part of that. Now let’s band together and make a difference of another kind for those who need it the most. Please consider making a donation

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