Garden Court Café Makes '10 Best Museum Restaurants' List

(Gracious Thyme/Asia Society)

Walking through museums to look at extraordinary art can be a tiring experience, and visitors always appreciate a place to rest and refuel.

Mindful of this fact, this week the Village Voice published a list of "Our 10 Best Museum Restaurants" in New York City — and Asia Society's Garden Court Café comes in at Number 4 on the list.

"It's not surprising that the food at the café of this institution devoted to promoting Asian art and culture showcases flavors from the cuisines of that continent," writes the Voice's Lauren Shockey, who goes on to single out Garden Court standbys like mango spring rolls and chicken curry bento boxes.

(Meanwhile, for the curious, the Café Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie, which showcases 20th-century German and Austrian art, grabs top honors on the Voice list for its "house-made hot cocoa and equally chocolaty Sachertorte," its goulash and its weisswurst with a warm pretzel.)

Asia Society's Garden Court Café is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm. For more details, including an up-to-date menu, visit the Café page

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