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While the announcement that former President Pervez Musharraf is forming a new political party and plans to return to Pakistan made headlines in the West, Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Fellow Hassan Abbas, says "the response in mainstream Pakistani media is not enthusiastic." In fact, few in Pakistan think Musharraf has a political future.

"His opponents, who are popular politicians as well as judiciary, both victims of Musharraf rule, are waiting to challenge and confront him. Religious extremists and militants dislike him for his policies and pro-Western inclinations,” Abbas explains.

He may be a longshot, but one thing Musharraf has going for him are his 330,000 fans on Facebook, including many urban youth from Pakistan and Pakistani Diaspora in the West and in Gulf countries, who fondly recall the economic growth of the Musharraf years.

What do you think, is the time right for a Musharraf comeback?  Are you his Facebook friend?  Join the discussion.

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