A 'Committee of 100' Builds Bridges Between Two Giants

Asia Society Trustee Lulu Wang at the Asia Society "Celebration of Asia Week" gala on March 21, 2011. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Leading Chinese Americans band together to find areas of common interest between the United States and China.

We continue to hear about the gulf between China and the United States. Their differences appear massive at times, but there is more to this very important and sometimes difficult relationship — there are also many shared interests, fundamental points of agreement, and potential partnerships.

A group of Chinese-American leaders saw this two decades ago, when we founded the Committee of 100, based on the precept of "seeking common ground while respecting differences." As US citizens of Chinese descent, we shared a natural desire for mutual understanding and cooperation.

Since 1990, we have used our collective voice to advance two major objectives, to encourage constructive relations between the two nations and to promote the full participation of Chinese-Americans in American life.

On May 12, we will come together for a historic 20th Annual Conference at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. C100 members will be joined by influential business and policy leaders from around the world to address important issues affecting US-China relations and the Chinese-American community.

Common Ground is a unique forum that explores the increasingly symbiotic roles of the US and China in global business, environmental, and social/political debates. Our 20-year hallmark gathering will identify common issues and how the two giants of the 21st century can learn from each other and work together. We hope you'll join us.

Committee of 100 website
Common Ground conference website

Lulu C. Wang serves as a Trustee on the Board of Asia Society and as a Co-Chair of the Committee of 100's Common Ground Annual Conference.