Asia Society Experts Featured in New PBS Series on World Art

Asia Society President Vishakha N. Desai is featured on the new PBS program Art Through Time: A Global View.

Art Through Time: A Global View, is a fascinating new 13-part TV series premiering this Sunday, Oct. 10 on Channel THIRTEEN that looks at works of art from around the world and explores ways people throughout history have visually articulated their basic political, spiritual, and social values.

Each half-hour episode focuses on a particular theme and features a diverse group of leading experts, together with a living artist, who contextualize and connect featured works from different cultures and eras. Asia Society President Vishakha N. Desai, Museum Director Melissa Chiu, and Curator Adriana Proser are among leading scholars, curators, experts, and artists interviewed.

Check out a clip of Vishakha Desai discussing "Cosmology and Belief," below:




(Art Through Time: A Global View airs nationwide in the US, so check your local listings for airdates.)

For more on the series, including streaming video of programs, visit the official Art Through Time website.