APEC: Japan Says No More Funny Shirts

BOGAR, INDONESIA:  APEC leaders in traditional Batik tunics for the official photo during the 6th APEC summit in Bogar, Indonesia. November 25, 1994. (Toru Ymanaka/AFP/Getty Images

This week Yokohama, Japan will host the 2010 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit on November 13-14. The event is always touted as an opportunity for world leaders to meet and discuss international trade and economics, but it may well be the fashions that get the most attention. 

Since 1994, when Indonesian president Suharto provided batik shirts for the members to wear for the official photograph, host nations have outfitted attendees in questionable national dress that has run the gambit from elegant (silk shirts) to bizarre (canvas raincoats). 

Over the years, the event has been lampooned for its annual show of world leaders in "funny shirts," but this year's Japanese hosts have said no more. Rather than outfit the participants in kimonos or other form of traditional attire, the Japanese have instructed delegates to simply wear suits.

Before these dull photos of smiling world leaders in the same-old tired business suits, I'd like to offer a look back at some of the great moments in APEC fashion history. Click through the slide show for highlights of years passed. 

Next year, the summit will be held in Honolulu, which I assume was chosen because of the fabulous local attire. Let's hope 2010 was just a fluke, and that in 2011, we'll have this to look forward to: