Victoria Premier Launches New Asian Cultural and Language Program

The Hon John Brumby MP announces the launch of the Westpac Group's Cultural and Language Learning Program for China and India in Melbourne on August 4, 2010.
MELBOURNE, August 4, 2010 - The Hon John Brumby MP Premier of Victoria today officially launched the Westpac Group's new Cultural and Language Learning Program for China and India.

A first for the banking industry, the programs are designed to help Westpac employees and Australia-based customers who do business with Asia or Asian communities to gain a deeper understanding of their market, as well as provide the opportunity for customers who have arrived from China and India to share their knowledge about their cultures and languages.

Brumby said Westpac's Chinese and Indian Culture and Language Program was an exciting new way to help staff and clients better engage with Asian markets.

"Here in Victoria we have long known that knowledge and understanding of different cultures is the key to greater global engagement.

"We are a diverse multicultural community, and our appreciation of cultures and traditions from around the world has given us a head start in linking Victoria into the global economy. "

Brumby highlighted the significant linkages between China and India with the State of Victoria and emphasized the importance of engaging with regional economies.

"Given our history, the makeup of our multicultural community and our geographical place in the world—we are particularly focused on Asia, and especially, not exclusively, on China and India.”

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Premier John Brumby - Westpac Group launches Cultural and Language Learning Program for China and India from Asialink Video on Vimeo.