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Hong Kong Chief Secretary Carrie Lam gives a masterclass on Hong Kong and its place in the region

(Left to right) Philipp Ivanov, CEO Asia Society Australia; Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary, Hong Kong Government; Suhanya Raffel, Deputy Director, NSW Art Gallery; and John Richardson, Director of Development, NSW Art Gallery

In a stunning setting of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration, Hong Kong Government addressed Asia Society Australia, NSW Art Gallery and VisAsia Council members and friends on Hong Kong’s ever-evolving role as a connector and hub of the regional and global commerce.

This is the first time Asia Society Australia, NSW Art Gallery and VisAsia joined hands to present an event combining policy and politics, business and art, highlighting the importance of holistic understanding of the multifaceted Asia. The event marks a start of a comprehensive partnership between the three organisations.

Mrs Lam briefed the senior audience about Hong Kong’s economic and political prospects, relationship with China and Australia and its dynamic and rapidly developing arts and cultural sector.

Mrs Lam underscored the deep and broad ties connecting Australia and Hong across business, politics, community and culture. These connections have been built by generations of successive governments, entrepreneurs, cultural and community leaders. Over 80,000 Australians reside in Hong Kong and around 75,000 people born in Hong Kong now live in Australia. Hong Kong continues to be an important source of foreign investment for Australia - the fifth-largest, with a stock of over $50 billion as of 2013.

Mrs Lam shared her perspective on this bilateral success story, where this relationship is heading and Hong Kong’s vision for its role in the dynamic Asia and a platform for a deep-dive into the Mainland China for many global businesses.

The briefing was followed by a private highlights tour of the Gallery’s extensive Asian and European art collection, presented to Mrs Lam and the event attendees by Suhanya Raffel, Deputy Director of the Gallery and one of Australia’s leading experts on Asian art.

This special event was co-hosted by the Art Gallery of New South Wales and VisAsia Council - long-standing partners of Asia Society Australia. The event is a part of our Leaders Program which presents high-profile events with visiting heads of state, ministers, senior officials, dignitaries and leading thinkers from the Indo-Pacific region and Australia who interpret and shape the present and future of our region.