Policy Briefing: The Philippines, Duterte and a Renewable Asia

Insights into Duterte's Asia from a former Philippines Energy Minister.

SYDNEY, 1 December 2016, Asia Society Australia in partnership with Allens and WWF Australia hosted Mr Vincent Perez, Board Member of WWF International, Founder of Merritt Partners and former Energy Minister of the Philippines, as part of our ‘Policy Briefing’ series.

The briefing addressed in detail the opportunities and challenges facing the renewable energy industry in Asia, as well as the current political climate under the newly assumed Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

In discussing renewable energy in the region, Mr Perez highlighted the need to present viable solutions in order to effectively resist the dependency on fossil fuels. He then outlined the challenges to doing this posed by the largely varied forms of renewable energy available to different states in the region. Mr Perez also noted, however, that the business opportunities made available by developments in the renewable energy industry are plentiful.

Mr Perez’s analysis of President Duterte’s presidency focused on recent foreign policy developments and how these may impact the country’s relationship with Australia and the United States, as well as investment in the Philippines generally.

A central theme permeating the discussion was that, despite recent tensions, the American-Philippines relationship is one characterized by endurance and robust foundations.

This event was hosted by Renee Boundy, Partner at Allens. It was generously sponsored by Allens and WWF Australia and held in Sydney.