Our Programs at a Glance

Since 1997 Asia Society Australia has been building a deeper understanding of Asia in Australia, connecting Australian and the region’s leaders and enriching public debate about Asia.

Our programs are recognised for insights and content of the highest quality, high-profile of speakers and an unprecedented access to business, political and thought leaders from Asia, Australia and the United States. 


Leaders on Asia

Since 1997 Asia Society Australia has hosted 19 heads of state from Asia and Australia. Our Leaders on Asia program presents high-profile events with visiting heads of state, ministers, senior officials, dignitaries and leading thinkers from the Indo-Pacific region and Australia. It provides members with a unique direct access to leaders who shape the present and future of our region.

H.E. Mr Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan on his country’s quest to economic revival (2014)

The Hon Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia delivers a keynote Asia policy address ahead of his first visit to Japan, Korea and China (2014)


Business of Asia

Business of Asia program connects our members with leaders of some of Australia and Asia’s major enterprises, who share unique insights on their companies’ successes and challenges in the Asian Century.

Andrew Mackenzie, Chief Executive Officer, BHP Billiton on the Global Australian’s past, present and future in Asia (2013)

James Packer, Chairman, Crown Limited on embracing the China market (2013)

Ronnie Chan, Global Co-Chair, Asia Society and Chairman, Hang Lung Group on China's economic outlook (2012)


Executive Briefings

Asia Society Executive Briefings are delivered to our members by senior diplomats, business leaders and regional experts and offer an insider’s perspective on foreign and economic policy issues and relationships which are critically important for Australia.

Bruce Miller, Australian Ambassador to Japan, on Japan's political, economic and social landscape and the state of the bilateral relationship (2015)

Jan Adams, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, on negotiating Australia’s Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Japan and China (2015)


Forecast Asia

Forecast Asia series – presented across the Asia Society’s global network – offers assessments and interpretations of trends and developments in Asia by leading economists, business, political and social thinkers and visionaries.

Andrew Penn, then Chief Financial Officer and Group Executive International Telstra Limited (now Chief Executive Officer), Telstra on trends in technology and what they will mean for Asia (2014)

Daniel Rosen, Wadsworth Fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute and founding partner of the Rhodium Group on his landmark report “Avoiding the Blind Alley: China’s Economic Overhaul and Its Global Implications” (2014)


Research, information and education

Asia Briefing

Asia Briefing is a new monthly newsletter for Asia Society Australia members and supporters with news and original analysis on Asia and Australia-Asia relations. Asia Briefing is edited by Greg Earl, an award-winning author, journalist and editor and a board member of the Australia-ASEAN Council. As Australia charts its future in an economically competitive and geopolitically contested Asia, and the Australian media footprint in Asia continues to shrink, it is an opportune time to offer our members and partners at the forefront of Australia’s engagement with Asia an original, succinct and authoritative curation of the most relevant content on Asia and Australia-Asia relations. Focused on business and geopolitics, Asia Briefing is distinctly Australian and internationalist. It highlights trends, deals, stories and events in our region that matter.

Disruptive Asia

Disruptive Asia is a thought-leadership project by Asia Society Australia launched in 2017. It presents new perspectives and policy recommendations from Australian and regional opinion-shapers and new voices on how Asia’s rise is altering Australia’s foreign policy, economy and society and how Australia should respond. Disruptive Asia deliberately looks at both external aspects of Australia’s relationship with Asia (foreign policy, business engagement, international education) and their domestic impact (community relations, leadership diversity, education settings and capabilities). This initiative is supported by the  Desai-Oxnam Innovation Fund. 

See also - 'Connecting Australia and Indonesia' report (2015) offers two distinct viewpoints on the current state and prospects for the Australia-Indonesia relationship from two of Australia’s leading Indonesia observers and practitioners, Richard Woolcott AC, Former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Andrew Parker, Head of Asia Practice at PwC.

Gen A

Generation Asia (GEN A) is a learning, networking and leadership development platform for young professionals from our member organisations to enrich their understanding of Asia and Australia’s relations with the region. It will provide the participants with interest in Asia access to the Asia Society Australia member-only events and an annual series of programs and activities specifically designed for the Gen A participants.