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21 October
Mr Hitoshi Tanaka, Japan’s former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, led a discussion on Asian geopolitics from a Japanese perspective at the Japan Briefing 2015 held in Sydney
21 September
Hong Kong Chief Secretary Carrie Lam gives a masterclass on Hong Kong and its place in the region
3 September
Recapping our four-part conversation on China with Australia's leading opinion-makers
2 September
Peter Varghese AO on the grand challenges in the Indo-Pacific and Australia's foreign policy
17 June
H.E Ms Frances Adamson, Australia’s Ambassador to China, spoke on the current Australia-China relationship as well as trends that would shape future relations between the two countries.
16 June
Stephen Joske on China’s “new normal” economic growth and the implications for the Australian and global economy
1 June
Asia Society and Telstra highlight the unlocked potential of Australia-Indonesia business connectivity
27 May
Peter Jennings PSM on Australia's Strategic Outlook: Glass half full or half empty?
9 April
Jan Adams, Australia’s most senior trade diplomat, spoke about the complexities and intricacies of negotiating Australia’s landmark free-trade agreements with Korea, Japan and China – all concluded in 2014
25 March
Australian Ambassador Bruce Miller, briefed senior members of Asia Society Australia on the current state and future prospects of the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship and recently concluded JAEPA on 20 March 2015 in Sydney