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Julie Bishop Celebrating 20

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, raises a glass at Asia Society Australia's 20th anniversary gala dinner

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Asia Society Australia membership is a powerful resource for understanding a dynamic Asia and helping you succeed in the Asian century. We have been connecting Australians with Asia since 1997 and are consistently recognised for the highest quality and impact of our programs and our national and global network spanning government, business, academia and the arts. Asia Society Australia offers a combination of corporate and individual membership options.

Asia Society members are some of Australia and the world’s most successful, entrepreneurial and innovative organisations active in Asia.

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Our value proposition:

Be informed: Asia is a global economic centre of gravity, but is a region of many parts and differences. It is also becoming more strategically contested and economically competitive. We help Australian businesses, government and education organisations understand each country in Asia, its role and impact as a region, and its increasingly complex geopolitical, geoeconomic and business landscapes, so they can make informed decisions and engage effectively with the whole of Asia.

Be connected: By joining Asia Society Australia, you are joining the largest global network of Asia-connected businesses, government and education organisations, and becoming a part of the preeminent global organisation dedicated to Asia, with 15 centres across four continents.

Be driven by purpose: Through your membership, you will be helping to build an Asia-informed and Asia-connected Australia, driving a deeper level of engagement with the region and projecting Australia’s voice in the region and globally.

Corporate Membership

Asia Society Australia’s Corporate Membership is a vital part of your organisation’s focus on Asia and its increasing importance in the world. It is a powerful resource providing local, regional and global opportunities to access Asia Society’s network, intellectual capital and insights on Asia, to contribute to and shape policy, to grow your global business and personal networks, and to develop your people.

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Individual Membership

Individual members enjoy full access to Asia Society Australia programs, and most benefits available to corporate members. Individual membership also demonstrates your commitment to building and deepening your understanding of Asia and growing your career and professional network.

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To join Asia Society or discuss your interests and our membership options, please email or phone +61 2 8199 9402