Don't Discount the US in Asia

Georgetown Professor Robert Sutter in Melbourne on August 16, 2010.
MELBOURNE, August 16, 2010 - Dr. Robert Sutter, Visiting Professor of Asian Studies at Georgetown University, predicted strong, ongoing leadership by the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, in an interview following a luncheon briefing with Asialink Asia Society AustralAsia Centre.

Sutter said that governments across the Asian region still benefit greatly from US involvement in security and economic realms, despite the impact of the global financial crisis.

He also identified "major differences and mutual suspicions" between US and Chinese governments.

"Both sides are wary of being taken advantage of by the other," he said.

A Ph.D. graduate in History and East Asian Languages from Harvard University, Sutter taught for over 30 years at Georgetown, George Washington, Johns Hopkins Universities, and the University of Virginia.

In the following video, he also comments on the relevance of ASEAN+3 and sets out the political contrasts between the Bush and Obama administrations across the Asian region.