Are global economic policy makers out of ammunition?

A Forecast Asia briefing with S&P Global Economist, Dr Paul Sheard

Dr Paul Sheard’s Forecast Asia briefing, held on the 31st of August, was a whistle-stop economic world tour providing thirty of our key members with unique insights into developments in the global and regional economy.

As Chief Economist of S&P global, Dr. Sheard explored the strengths and weaknesses in Asian economic management, identifying trends forecasting future performance in the region.

New emerging economies, particularly in ASEAN were identified as new sources of Asian growth with the potential to complement China and India through their transition and restructuring into the future. The strong and consistent growth of the Indonesian economy was contrasted to the relative stagnation of Japan to contrast the stages of economic development and suggest new pathways forward through social change and participation.

Dr. Sheard also discussed the uncertainty surrounding the potential consequence of the US presidential election, and the transition in global economic power trending towards Asia.