Singapore Chapter Lead

Penny LOW

Penny Low, Class of 2007

Social Innovation Park

Penny Low is the founder of Social Innovation Park, Ltd. She is a pioneer and serial entrepreneur in various fields, from wealth management to social enterprises to global movements. During her 14 years as a veteran Singapore Member of Parliament, she developed the award-winning first eco-town in the tropics, which has been designated to become the largest township in Singapore. Her career and experience span across the private, public, people, academic and media sectors. Penny founded the Social Innovation Park (SIP) to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world, through collaborative innovation and partnership with the public, private and people sectors. It has helped create many SE-related TV series, the Global Social Innovators Forum & Festival, Inclusive Arts Concert, Global Dignity, SIP Fellows Award, and many other platforms to support social innovation and enterprise. Penny is a sought after speaker at the global stage who sits on various global boards. She is an avid explorer who has travelled through more than 80 countries and has been honored many times by the World Economic Forum, Yale University, the Aspen Institute, and others.