Asia 21 Global Chapter Guidelines

To ensure continued collaboration, enduring engagements, and facilitate year-round interactions among the Asia 21 Network, formation of local chapters in cities/countries that are home to a critical number of Asia 21 Young Leaders is encouraged.

These local chapters should aim to facilitate the following:  

  • Support communication between the A21 network and Young Leaders from that country/city/region
  • Hold regular meetings of Young Leaders for networking, collaborations, and act as advocates for the local chapter within the alumni community   
  • Serve as the “host” to Asia 21 Young Leaders visiting their countries
  • Recommend future nominees from their countries and help with the selection process  
  • Local chapters are encouraged to develop their own action plans, based on their priorities and ability to leverage human and financial resources locally.

A set of general guidelines and lessons learned are listed below to help local chapter coordinators:

  1. Manage local programming
    1. Develop local meetings and agenda
    2. Develop communication channels
    3. Develop projects/platforms/programs that reflect the larger Asia 21 objectives
  2. Coordinate with the global Asia 21 Team on the annual Asia 21 Summit
    1. Nominate potential young leaders
    2. Contribute in some way to the planning/funding/coordination of the Summit

“Lessons learned” from existing chapters:

  • Appoint a Chapter Coordinator who will:
    • Act as the contact point for the chapter for communication with Asia Society, the Asia 21 Network and chapter members
    • Oversee the planning and execution of events and meetings locally  
    • Serve in this position for two years after which he/she will help find a suitable replacement
    • A local chapter representative will have the benefit of attending the annual summit, sponsored by the larger Asia 21 initiative 
  • Consider supporting an organization, cause or campaign to focus the efforts of the group.


Asia 21 Local Chapters can take on various forms and missions so feel free to discuss with the Asia 21 core team if you are interested in starting a local chapter or getting involved. For additional information or questions please email the Asia 21 Team at