The Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative promotes mutual understanding and effective collaboration among the next generation’s influential leaders. These collaborations are crucial because they provide the opportunity for growth, address a country’s or the region’s most pressing challenges, and demonstrate the impact that the Asia 21 initiative and its network provide to the Asia-Pacific region.

We consistently hear from Asia 21 Young Leaders that they have been inspired by the accomplishments, stories, and insights shared by their peers at Summits, forums, and local chapter gatherings, and that they use these experiences to elevate their own work.

Often, we also hear about collaborations between Young Leaders whose worlds would otherwise never have collided.

Here are a few highlights that demonstrate the Asia 21 impact, the collaboration and camaraderie of the Asia 21 Young Leaders, and their relationship with Asia Society:

Asia 21 Young Leaders in Action

Asia 21 Young Leaders engage in a dialogue on Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders and Rockstars: Is Our Education System Ready'
A conversation with Asia 21 Young Leaders featuring Ibba Bernardo, Scot Frank, and Rommel Juan
Deepak Ravindran, founder of Innoz Technologies shares why he is giving away the source code for his SMS search engine.
The Philippine Alumni convened at the 2nd Asia 21 Philippines Reunion and commit to public work
Asia 21 Young Leaders Debate for Building Resiliency Seen as Economic Growth
For bringing news, information and entertainment to a barren landscape
For eye-opening films that give voice to the voiceless
Our India-Pakistan Asia 21 Leaders ‘Defeating the Stereotypes’
In the Philippines, indigenous culture can help bring people together.
The Asia 21 Young Leaders Class of 2013 went to Bhutan for a public service project.
As Afghanistan reels from a devastating natural disaster, members of Asia Society's Afghanistan 21 Young Leaders Initiative are actively coordinating relief efforts.
Asia 21 Young Leader Arnel Casanova speaks about country's cities of tomorrrow
Afghanistan's first-ever presidential debate was televised by Tolo News, which is headed by two executives with Asia Society ties.
Asia 21 Young Leaders Youth Summit in Jalalabad
Upholding the Asia 21 mantra of public service, Asia 21 Young Leader Rick Pal (US), founder of Ek Disha, has been turning his passion to action by collaborating with his fellow Asia 21 young leaders in the Philippines, India, and Pakistan.
Asia Society Young Leaders Youth Summit in Herat
Technology and creativity for dignity, rights and welfare of marginalized groups.
Empowerment of the young and indigenous peoples in the Philippines.