Asia 21 Summit

The Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit is the signature year-end annual gathering where alumni welcome the newest cohort of Asia 21 Young Leaders to the Asia 21 Network. Each year, around 25-30 individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their field and commitment to values-based leadership and public service are selected as members the incoming class. Held in a different Asian city each year, the three-day convening is a culmination of the year-long planning efforts that showcase the brilliance of the individuals who make up this network; provide opportunities to enrich each other’s endeavors through mutual learning and ideation; and facilitate collaborations for greater positive impact across the Asia-Pacific.

The annual summit agenda is carefully designed with the goal of enabling the participants to transform their individual passions to collective action for change. With an eye to the future, the summit proceedings—one-on-one conversations, thematic discussions, task forces, challenge projects, local site visits, keynote conversations—are curated to dovetail into potential actionable items that will keep the members of the network engaged and provide continuity to the momentum that is typically generated at the Summit.