Asia Society Arts at 60

Eiko and Koma and Cambodian Dancer “Peace” Asia Society tour 2007. Credit: La Frances Hui

In the last 60 years, Asia Society has made the role of creativity in the arts a focal point. We’ve been trailblazers: presenting the American debut of performing artists or serving as the catalyst for commissioning of new live work, at the same time presenting artworks that have never been seen outside of their country of origin, and opening dialogues on topics in arts and culture that have previously been unaddressed. In so doing, we’ve set standards for scholarship and opened these artforms to new audiences. We’ve served as a catalyst for the cultural sector, and a conduit for access and discourse.

Our programs, exhibitions, and initiatives have proven to be not only valuable to the cultural sector, but they have a continued relevance in all disciplines. Through arts and culture, U.S. business and policy leaders can more deeply appreciate and understand their counterparts, forging strong and sustaining partnerships.

We’ve also found that, although we have focused on educating Americans about Asia, our programs have increasing relevance to Asian audiences. By supporting new scholarship and creative work, we’ve helped empower communities to explore their cultural heritage and history.

To honor these 60 years, this fall we are presenting 6 programs that showcase the milestones in Asia Society’s achievements. The programs represent the breadth of perspective and depth of innovation that has become a hallmark of Asia Society work in the arts and culture.

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