Photos: 2019 Asia Arts Game Changer Awards Hong Kong

The 2019 Asia Arts Game Changer Awards Hong Kong on March 29 concluded with great success and raised funds for Asia Society’s global arts and culture initiatives. The event brought together major artists, art collectors, gallerists, and dignitaries from around the world to celebrate four game changers in the arts from Asia.

This year, Asia Society honored the artistic achievements and pioneering visions of Christine Ay Tjoe, Fang Lijun, Imran Qureshi, and Natee Utarit.

Notable attendees included artists Jaeyong Chun, Ding YiFung Ming ChipKimsoojaMelati Suryodarmo, and Yang Yongliang; curators Susan Beningson, Diana Campbell Betancourt, Christopher PhillipsAaron Seeto, and Russell Storer; art writer Barbara Pollack; actors Aga and Charlene Mae Muhlach; model Lara Helmer; and jewelry designer Yim Tom, among others.

The festive atmosphere and outpouring of support for Asia Society’s arts and culture programming created eager anticipation among all attendees for next year’s Asia Arts Game Changer Awards!