The Asia 21 2008 Public Service Award

At a HIV/AIDS prevention training session organized by Mashhad Positive Club. (Mashhad Positive Club website)

The winner of the 2008 Public Service Award is:

Mashhad Positive Club (Hamyaran Mosbat-NGO)
Mashahd Positive Club, an Iranian-based organization, works with people living with HIV/AIDS in Iran. Its activities include Positive Prevention, Psychosocial Support to PLHIV, Peer Education and Counseling services. Mashhad Positive Club was also one of the recipients of UNAIDS’s Red Ribbon Award in 2008.

The finalists for the 2008 Public Service Award were:

Pathways to Higher Education
Pathways to Higher Education is a new and innovative social involvement program that identifies bright but financially-underprivileged public high school students and equips them with the necessary skills, both academic and non-academic, to ensure they get a fair chance at a college education.

Machik seeks to help chart new pathways forward as communities on the Tibetan plateau approach uncertain times. By respecting the standpoint of others and appreciating our responsibility toward one another and to our collective human future, we have learned that meaningful change is possible, even under challenging circumstances. In our years of working directly with local Tibetan communities, these principles have enabled us to find our way across many uncertainties.

Hands On Manila
Hands On Manila (HOM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing members with diverse, flexible volunteer opportunities that address the needs of the community. Membership in HOM is free and open to all interested persons, groups and corporations.