Remembering Dr. Dina Bangdel

The field of Asian art has lost an eminent art historian, curator, cultural activist, and educator from Nepal: Dr. Dina Bangdel passed away on July 24, 2017. An esteemed historian of South Asian and Himalayan art, Dr. Bangdel explored the issues of gender and identity in South Asian contemporary art and film. Her interests in the early modern period focused on the ritual and ideological functions of Buddhist art in South Asia, including theories of ritual performance and politics of identity. She taught contemporary South Asian art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar where she was also Director of Art History. She also served as Executive Board Member and curator of Nepal Art Council in New Delhi.

In November of 2015 at Asia Society’s Arts & Museum Summit, Ms. Bangdel spoke passionately about heritage preservation issues in Nepal following the earthquake that struck the region.

Boon Hui Tan
Vice President for Global Arts & Cultural Programs and Museum Director



Dr. Bangdel’s Presentation at the 2015 Arts & Museum Summit

Our interview with Dr. Bangdel