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9 March
Veteran official deplores absence of engagement with one of Australia's largest neighbors.
9 March
Speaking in Sydney, the leader of NSW's Liberals reiterates the need for Australia to engage with its neighbors.
7 November
In Melbourne, the US Secretary of State emphasizes "shared values" between America and Australia.
17 October
Finance Minister Mulyani Indrawati on the challenges and opportunities ahead.
17 October
King Juan Carlos I of Spain highlights coming opportunities for cooperation
17 October
Ambassador Zhang spoke to Centre members about the future of China-Australia relations.
12 October
Simon Galpin says Shanghai's rise poses no threat to the region's traditional financial capital.
5 October
Rice expert calls on Australia to help foster the next generation of agricultural breakthroughs.
17 September
Michael Wesley sees major regional realignments coming in the 21st century's "Indo-Pacific era."
22 August
Why is it so easy for a new movie to posit an Australia overrun by its Asian neighbors?