Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations

Arts & Museum Summit

November 21-22, 2013

November 21-22, 2013

What should museums of the twenty-first century look like? How should they display art and engage viewers? Is there a "disruption" to the current thinking that should be addressed? With most museum growth in the coming decades projected to be in Asia, the inaugural Asia Society Arts & Museum Summit in Hong Kong brought together museum leaders from across Asia, Europe, and North America, to explore challenges and opportunities in the cultural sector today; the developing museum ecology in Asia; and professional development and partnerships among museums.

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Welcoming Remarks

Melissa Chiu, Director, Asia Society Museum, New York

Keynote Addresses

Glenn D. Lowry, Director, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Artist


Michael Brand, Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Janet Carding, Director, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Alan Chong, Director, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
Caroline Collier, Director, Tate National, London
Yuko Hasegawa, Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Yongwoo Lee, President, Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Gwangju
Sophie Makariou, Présidente, Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet, Paris
Jessica Morgan, Curator of International Art, Tate Modern, London
Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Director, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai
Hammad Nasar, Head of Research and Programmes, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Lars Nittve, Executive Director, M+, Hong Kong
Kim Rorschach, Director, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle
Wang Chunchen, Head of Curatorial Research, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing

Discussion Topics

The Museum in the World
Museums today exist far beyond their physical spaces and localities. In addition, the rapid proliferation of museums in Asia has brought a growing desire for international partnerships and collaborative exchange. This session will explore the potential for museums to look beyond their physical spaces for opportunities to create new experiences.

The Museum in the City
With prominent locations at the heart of cities, museums are well positioned to engage with audiences. But being at the center of urban life also presents great challenges. This panel will focus on the museum in situ, exploring the different ways in which museums today engage with and create a community.

Inside the Museum: Future Propositions
As many Asian countries become more focused on arts and culture, the most extensive museum construction of the next decade will take place in Asia. This discussion will tackle the pertinent issues of our time from the perspective of museum leaders in order to construct the ideal museum model.

Summit Video

Keynote by Glenn Lowry (30 min., 54 sec.)

"Museums of the Future"
Glenn Lowry, Alan Chong, Hiroshi Sugimoto (59 min., 18 sec.)

"The Museum in the World"
Hammad Nasar, Janet Carding, Sophie Makariou, and Jessica Morgan (33 min., 20 sec.)

"Museums in the City"
Caroline Collier, Yongwoo Lee, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Lars Nittve (55 min., 47 sec.)

"Inside the Museum—Future Propositions"
Yuko Hasegawa, Michael Brand, Wang Chunchen, Kimerly Rorschach (56 min., 25 sec.)

Closing Remarks
Melissa Chiu (4 min., 37 sec.)

About the Arts & Museum Network

The Arts & Museum Summit is part of a new initiative of Asia Society's Arts & Museum Network, the goal of which is to strengthen arts communities through the creation of opportunities for professional exchange and to share knowledge and expertise among museum professionals globally.








紐約亞洲協會美術館館長招穎思博士(Melissa Chiu)


紐約現代藝術博物館館長格蘭‧ D‧ 勞瑞博士(Glenn D. Lowry)
日本攝影大師杉本博司(Hiroshi Sugimoto)


雪梨新南威爾斯州立美術館館長麥克.布蘭德博士(Michael Brand)
多倫多皇家安大略省博物館館長暨執行總監珍奈特.卡爾丁女士(Janet Carding)
新加坡亞洲文明博物館館長鍾艾倫博士(Alan Chong)
倫敦泰德國家美術館館長卡蘿蘭.蔻莉兒女士(Caroline Collier)
東京都現代美術館首席策展人長谷川祐子女士(Yuko Hasegawa)
光州雙年展基金會主席李龍雨博士(Yongwoo Lee)
巴黎吉美國立亞洲藝術博物館主席蘇菲.瑪嘉麗午女士(Sophie Makariou)
倫敦泰德現代美術館國際藝術策展人潔西卡. 摩根女士(Jessica Morgan)
孟買威爾斯親王美術館館長薩比亞沙奇. 穆克吉先生(Sabyasachi Mukherjee)
亞洲藝術文獻庫研究及項目總監哈馬德.拿薩爾先生(Hammad Nasar)
香港西九龍文化區M+博物館行政總監李立偉博士(Lars Nittve)
西雅圖美術館館長金.若爾莎克博士(Kim Rorschach)
北京中央美術學院美術館策展人暨學術部主任王春辰博士(Wang Chunchen)


當今博物館已經超越其實體空間以及地理位置的限制,而亞洲地區博物館數量的快速增長也帶來了對國際合作與交流的需求。此研討會將探討博物館如何超越其實體空間,來創造新體驗的諸多 可能性。



藝術與博物館高峰會為亞洲協會藝術與博物館網絡之新企劃,其目標在於透過創造專業交流與博 物館工作者全球性分享知識與專業的機會來強化藝術社群。

如有疑問,請洽詢亞洲協會紐約總部 [email protected]