Understanding ASEAN: Part 1

Understanding ASEAN: Part 1

The ASEAN integration presents new opportunities for the Philippines, such as increased inter- and intra-regional trade. The free flow of goods and services across ASEAN member countries is expected to invigorate businesses and allow them to tap new markets in the region, previously limited by trade and tariff barriers. However, the ASEAN integration also poses major challenges to businesses – as well as other sectors – which are presently not fully understood by Filipinos.

The ASEAN series aims to explain the ASEAN integration to Filipinos from various perspectives. Through a four-part series featuring various topics and resource speakers on the ASEAN Economic Community 2015, the Understanding ASEAN series will attempt to bring more awareness on one of Asia’s most significant trade agreements, which will have an enormous impact on Filipinos lives.

The first of a four-part series on ASEAN, "Understanding ASEAN: Part 1" introduces the fundamentals of ASEAN and discusses what it means for Filipinos.

Succeeding programs in this series will explore the implications and repercussions of the forthcoming ASEAN Economic Community 2015 across various sectors, especially as it impacts Filipinos.

Event details:
Understanding ASEAN: Part 1
August 14, 4-6PM, The Asian Institute of Management
 P450 general admissions / P200 students & Asia Society members / P1200 series package (4 programs)


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Event Details

14 August 2014
4:00pm - 6:00pm