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Are America's rising generation given every opportunity to succeed? (RBFried/
Partnership for Global Learning
Join an innovative educational movement to connect policy and practice so every American student can excel in an interconnected world. more
Students at New York City's Henry Street School for International Studies. Photo: Eric O'Connell
Preparing Urban Youth to Succeed
An approach to urban school reform that develop student knowledge and skills needed for success in the globalized world. more
In a quickly shrinking world, students must have greater international studies knowledge and foreign language skills as a core part of their education. But how is it achieved? (Corbis)
Global Interdependence and American Educational Reform
How do we prepare American students to be contributing citizens, productive workers, and competent leaders in the interconnected world of the 21st century? more
UPS is a worldwide leader in supply-chain management. A UPS truck reflecting a city it serves. Photo credit: John P Sullivan.
Meeting Workforce Needs
Mike Eskew, former chairman and CEO of UPS, outlines why international education is critical to businesses. more

Preparing Students for the World

Watch how Fort Vancouver High School partnered with Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network to prepare all of their students to graduate globally competent and prepared for the future. more

The Power of Global Competence

School leaders, teachers, and students discuss the importance of global competence. more

Educating for Citizenship in a Global World - Keynote Remarks

Kevin Rudd, Josette Sheeran, Lulu Wang, Svein Østtveit, and Sarah Brown speak at a special forum to discuss how to educate all students for a global era. more
A classroom in India

What Is 'Global Citizenship Education'?

A brief explainer on one of the world's most important education initiatives more

Student Panel: Deeper Learning Through Global Competence

Marc Chun of the Hewlett Foundation moderates a student panel at Asia Society's 2014 Partnership for Global Learning Conference. more