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24 November
Conserving the Collection is a treat for art collectors, connoisseurs, aficionados, artists and students.
8 November
Our panel explores the opportunities and challenges in meeting India’s primary energy needs.
28 September
A comprehensive overview of the history of the print in Indian art.
25 August
Saeed Naqvi and Kumar Ketkar discuss the political forces that have shaped contemporary Indian society.
11 August
Ashley J. Tellis and Suhasini Haidar explore the varying dynamics of the U.S., China, India relationship.
4 August
Andy Mukherjee and Ridham Desai discuss the upcoming U.S. Presidential election and its global impact.
22 July
Rohini Nilekani, Maheshwar Peri, Shantanu Prakash and Rukmini Banerji speak about innovations in education.
23 June
World 2050 where Raghuram Rajan, Harinder Kohli, Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Sajjid Chinoy discuss the blurring gap between developed and developing economies in the future
12 June
A discussion on the what the policymakers should have in their arsenal to deal with economic urgencies
31 May
Join us as we we explore the impact of women's participation in sport.