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A classroom in India

What Is 'Global Citizenship Education'?

A brief explainer on one of the world's most important education initiatives more
How to Use the Map
How to use the map more
With nearly one million indicators, this map helps you find the global connections your county and state have to the rest of the world. more
A map that links the United States with the rest of the world. See our global connections, and what it means for the future. more
Workforce Development in Afterschool
Workforce development in afterschool and summer programs prepares youth for the 21st century. more
Global Competence
Global competence more
Toolkit more
States Initiatives
Mapping the Nation data show that states have direct relationships with countries around the world for trade, foreign direct investment, and job creation. more
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Afterschool Programs Support Common Core Implementation
With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, there is an opportunity for afterschool and youth development organizations to play a role in shaping 21st-century skills and supporting academic progress for children and youth. more
Afterschool Programs Develop College and Career Readiness
High-quality afterschool programming leverages hands-on learning experiences and community connections to prepare youth for success in college and the workforce. more