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Tracking China's Leadership Transition

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping walks past Chinese President Hu Jintao (front left), former Chinese President Jiang Zemin (front center) and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao (front right) during the opening session of the 18th Communist Party Congress held at the Great Hall of the People on November 8, 2012 in Beijing, China. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

As China begins its once-a-decade handover of power at the upper reaches of the Communist Party, Asia Society offers a range of perspectives on the 2012 transition between outgoing President Hu Jintao and President-to-be Xi Jinping. Scroll through the commentary, reportage, and videos below for insights into this opaque political process.

Xi Jinping, One Year Later: Will He Be the 'Chinese Gorbachev'?

Policy After one year in power, Chinese president Xi Jinping has largely consolidated his power, but he still faces "perilous" challenges, according to a panel Thursday night at Asia Society in New York.
November 8th by Wilfred Chan |

Video: Evan Osnos on the 'High Bar' of the New 'Chinese Dream'

Policy The New Yorker's China correspondent on the meaning behind Chinese President Xi Jinping's political slogan, and the obstacles in its way.
May 7th by Dan Washburn |

The Pope and China's Communist Party: More Similar Than You Think

Policy A decision, cloaked in secrecy, that would affect more than a billion people. Speculation on whether the chosen one would be a "conservative" or a "reformer." Which leadership change are we talking about?
April 2nd by Jeffrey Wasserstrom |

China’s Power Structure, Five Years From Now

Columbia Professor Andrew Nathan discusses the role of factional relationships, institutionalization of leadership roles, and the vitality of the new leaders in the make up of China's next five years.
January 18th by Saira Siddiqi |

Videos: Will Xi Jinping Differ From His Predecessors?

Policy Political scientist Andrew Nathan discusses newly installed Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s relationship to his predecessors Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin, the likelihood of political reform under Xi.
January 18th by Susan Jakes |

Will Xi Jinping Be Different From His Predecessors?

Professor Andrew Nathan of Columbia University discusses how leadership changes in China are shaped by the times more than straying from the Chinese Communist Party mission.
January 17th by Saira Siddiqi |

Did Political Reformers Lose Out in the Leadership Transition?

Columbia Professor Andrew Nathan discusses the idea of reform in China, how economic reform differs from the idea of political reform, and the how reform is defined in both ways.
January 16th by Saira Siddiqi |

2013, and Beyond: Why Reform May Be Mission Impossible for China's Xi Jinping

Policy Facing many different political factions and conflicts, the cards are stacked against China's new leader, writes Ouyang Bin.
December 28th by Ouyang Bin |

A Conversation with Gary Locke (Complete)

America's Ambassador to China assesses its just-completed leadership transition with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News and Asia Society's Orville Schell.
December 17th by Jeff Tompkins |

For China's New Leaders, the Spirit of Deng Remains Strong

Policy Deng Xiaoping biographer Ezra Vogel breaks down four major political perspective in modern China, and suggests which one "trumps" them all.
December 17th by Ezra Vogel |