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Special Event / New York
Building on six decades of education work, Asia Society launches the Center for Global Education this year. Please join us for a high-level panel discussion focusing on today's most pressing global education topics.
New York
Annual strategic planning meeting of the ASCGE Advisory Council and private dialogue with Asian and US education leaders.
Panel Discussion / Texas
Asia Society welcomes a distinguished panel of women who are leading and transforming the oil and gas industry.
Panel Discussion / New York
An invitation-only dialogue on the importance of quality learning and the development of skills for the 21st century, featuring the Director for Education and Skills at OECD and ASCGE Advisor Andreas Schleicher.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Panelists discuss how stakeholders can collaborate on a shared action agenda to do more to counter income inequality and eradicate poverty.
Performance / Texas
This concert by the ensemble IIIZ+ will feature a combination of the three bridged east Asian zithers: the Korean gayageum, Japanese koto, and Chinese zheng.
Meet the Author / New York
Leading authors from Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines come together to explore literary creativity.
Family Activity / Texas
Celebrate this festive holiday through Taiwanese art activities, storytelling, performances, mooncakes, and more!
Performance / New York
Contemporary performing artists explore different musical and cultural expressions in the Asian American experience.
Performance / Texas
Asia Society's Mid-Autumn Festival will conclude with a special performance of "Song of the Pipa-Lute" by Wang Xin-Xin.
Lecture / New York
Asia Society's curator of traditional Asian Art examines how views of Asian Art have changed over the years since the establishment of the original Asia Society Collection.