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Future of the Asia-Pacific: A New Phase of Peace and Prosperity [Tokyo, Japan]

Foreign Ministers applaud after a group photo at the start of the 7th East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers' Meeting as part of the 50th ASEAN regional security forum in Manila on August 7, 2017 (Aaron Favila/AFP/Getty Images)

This event is taking place in Tokyo, Japan on Friday, October 6. Registration begins at 2:30 PM, with the program to follow at 3 PM. 

Amid the rapid change and uncertainty of the 21st century, a key question facing Asia’s leaders is whether the region will be able to maintain the unprecedented economic growth and relative peace it has enjoyed for the past 70 years. Given growing concerns about a rising China, a dangerous North Korea, and a potentially less engaged United States, the answer is unclear. This symposium, hosted by the Meiji Institute for Global Affairs (MIGA) and the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI), aims to discuss what kind of regional arrangements can sustain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific in the long term. 

MIGA was engaged in a three-year project on this topic and published a book in August titled Future View of the Asia-Pacific: Networked Hegemony. ASPI's Policy Commission on Regional Security Architecture released a report in September titled Preserving the Long Peace in Asia: the Institutional Building Blocks of Long-Term Regional Security. With these as background and given President Trump’s upcoming first visit to Asia and attendance at the East Asia Summit, the panel discussion will consider how to encourage principled cooperation among countries in the region.

To register for this event or for additional information, please email [email protected].


  • Kevin Rudd: President, Asia Society Policy Institute; Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Chaesung Chun: Professor, Seoul National University
  • Yoriko Kawaguchi: Fellow, Meiji Institute for Global Affairs; Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Wang Jisi: President, Institute of International and Strategic Studies; Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University
  • Ichiro Fujisaki: Professor, Sophia University; Former Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America
  • Yasushi Kudo (Moderator): President, Genron NPO


Event Details

Fri 6 Oct 2017
2:00am - 5:00am

Global Hall
Global Front 1F, Meiji University
Tokyo, Japan

To register or for additional information, please email [email protected]