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6 June
Asia Society Texas Center brings together cool, engaging offerings throughout the month.
6 June
The cocktail merriment, the chatting, the networking — but in a museum, it's sophisticated!
23 May
ExxonMobil insights shared at sold-out luncheon hosted by Asia Society Texas Center.
20 May
Singapore’s Ambassador to the United States spoke with us briefly before a reception held in his honor.
12 May
Asia Society to host exhibition of famed Japanese artist’s work.
25 April
Houston’s social and civic worthies crowded into the Taniguchi-designed Center for scrumptious food and good conversation.
22 April
Seventeen-year-old Danny Lee shares the story of his risky escape to China with a full house at Asia Society Texas Center.
9 April
The Professor of Political Science joined Education Coordinator Paul Pass for a discussion about the Chinese film industry.
4 April
The Survivor winner discusses his participation in CYJO's Kyopo Project, the Korean diaspora, and raising hapa children.
3 April
Yul Kwon demonstrates a level of humanity, determination, and humor that makes him a role model for all people.