Summer Family Film Night at ASTC

Curated by Liz Shepherd, Northwest Film Forum
Still from feature film Foreign Letters.

Join us at the Asia Society for our first-ever outdoor film screening, featuring shorts from across the continent and a feature film exploring cross-cultural friendship. Snacks and refreshments will be available for purchase throughout the program and during intermission. A limited number of camp stools will be available for seating and visitors are welcome to bring blankets or foldable chairs to sit during the program. Films will be screened in Brown Foundation Performing Arts Theater in case of inclement weather..



Short Films: 6:00 pm
Intermission: 7:00 pm
Feature Film: 7:15 pm


Short Films

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup
Japan, 2012, animation
Duration: 1 min., 22 sec.

Language: No dialogue

A young woman grows a maple tree to add flavor to her pancake breakfast. Recommended for ages 8 and younger.


Twins in Bakery

Twins in Bakery
Japan, 2012, animation and live action
Duration: 4 min., 55 sec.
Language: English

A restaurateur’s creations come to life and imitate a variety of animals, including a dolphin, hedgehog, and shark. Recommended for ages 8 and younger.



Korea, 2012, animation
Duration: 9 min., 53 sec.
Language: Korean with English subtitles

In a small pond, a young fish explores his world, learning about friendship from new fish he meets, and about survival by avoiding the larger fish around him. Recommended for ages 8 and younger.


Big Hands Oh Big Hands

Big Hands Oh Big Hands
China, 2012, animation
Duration: 6 min., 1 sec.
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles

A children’s tale of products created by colorful characters with bowler hats, suspenders, and big hands. Recommended for ages 8 and younger.


Mammy Crow and the Fox

Mammy Crow and the Fox
Iran, 2012, animation
Duration: 10 min., 9 sec.
Language: Farsi

A persistent fox attempts to capture a family of crows, while the birds’ mother devises a plan to thwart the carnivore’s plan by giving him food from the nearby town. Recommended for ages 8 and younger.



AMAR: All Things Are Possible
India, 2011, live action
Duration: 9 min., 40 sec.
Language: Hindi and English

The everyday journey of an Indian paperboy and how he provides for his family, working two jobs and going to school in the afternoons. Recommended for ages 9 and older.


The Little Dog Savior

The Little Dog Savior
Taiwan, 2013, live action
Duration: 10 min., 6 sec.
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles

The story of Wei Wei, a young Taiwanese boy, and his passion to rescue stray dogs in his homeland. Recommended for ages 9 and older.


The Raining Tree

The Raining Tree
Indonesia, 2013, live action
Duration: 13 min., 58 sec.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitles

An adorable little girl and a solitary young man strike up an unlikely friendship. Recommended for ages 9 and older.


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Feature Film

Foreign Letters

Foreign Letters
USA, 2012, live action
Duration: 99 min.

Language: English, Hebrew, and Vietnamese with English subtitles


A tale of two friends, both recently moved to the United States, and how they bond with each other as they learn about their new home. Ellie is a young girl from Israel and waits for letters from her best friend as she deals with homesickness and difficulties learning English. Thuy is a Vietnamese refugee around Ellie’s age facing rejection at school and lacking a sense of belonging in a new country. These two girls form an inseparable bond as they navigate the challenges of early adolescence. Based on director Ela Thier's own journey of immigration and assimilation, this film represents a coming-of-age story and the connection that two friends can make in new surroundings. Recommended for ages 9 and older.



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In collaboration with Northwest Film Forum. Education programs at Asia Society Texas Center are made possible by support from Marathon Oil. Additional support provided by Asia Society contributors and members.

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Event Details

24 July 2015
6:00pm - 9:00pm

1370 Southmore Blvd.
Houston, TX 77004

Free and open to the public.