Michael J. Economides on Energy — China’s Choke Point


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For most foreigners, experts, and lay people alike, modern China has evolved at the grandest and fastest of paces, but it also has a mass of contradictions with no parallel in human history. Unleashed about 30 years ago, modern China’s culture — the ethos of its people and their work ethic — has produced a bona fide miracle that is unlikely to ever be matched by any other nation. 

Michael J. Economides argues that, in the coming decades, China is certain to emerge as the dominant economic power. That said, a critical element of modern life — energy — which is in far shorter supply than is demanded inside China, may very well choke the nation’s path to world prominence. Economides posits that China can lead the rest of the globe to the next stage by actually making use of its energy challenge, thereby turning a potential catastrophe into an opportunity. For the past 150 years, energy has been a driving force for the world. With sane policies, China can add 150 more years of prosperity to our future.

Join us for breakfast and a lively discussion about China’s energy policies as we kick off our Asia Policy Briefing series. The first 20 paid registrants will receive an autographed copy of Energy: China’s Choke Point by Michael J. Economides and Xina Xie.


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About Michael J. Economides

Professor at the Cullen College of Engineering, University of Houston, Michael J. Economides is Chairman of the Board of Paleon Oil and Gas. In addition, he serves as managing partner of a petroleum engineering and petroleum strategy consulting firm and editor-in-chief of Energy Tribune. Previously, Economides was the Samuel R. Noble Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University and served as chief scientist of the Global Petroleum Research Institute (GPRI).

His publications include authoring or co-authoring 14 professional textbooks and books and more than 200 journal papers and articles. With professional activities in more than 70 countries, he has been retained as a consultant by national oil companies and Fortune 500 firms. Economides has written extensively in wide-circulation media and appears regularly as a guest and expert commentator on national and international television programs.

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Wed 08 Aug 2012
8:30 AM
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