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Asia Society Presents! Yashodhara

An Indian Fusion of Theater, Dance, and Music

an exquisite portrayal of classical intricacy and elegance. — Narthaki Dance Journal

playwright Gowri Ramnarayan churned out an outstanding production around the life of Yashodhara. — Veejay Sai


Gautama Buddha, the Shakya prince, became a world leader. Yashodhara, his wife, remains in the shadows. Yashodhara, a dance theatre production by JustUs Repertory, illuminates her plight—a single mother deserted by her husband.

Grief impels Yashodhara to search for answers that she cannot find within the palace walls. Her inner evolution explores a poignant, powerful story of human loss, sorrow, and transcendence. Using Hindi, Pali, and English narration, this experimental, multi-genre production fuses the classical and contemporary to showcase the diversity of India’s living traditions and cultures.




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About JustUs Repertory

JustUs Repertory produces new work that blends music, dance, and drama to explore historical, political, and literary experiences. JustUs collaborates with artists from various disciplines to produce innovative, theatrical, and international ventures.


In collaboration with JustUs Repertory. Performing arts programs at Asia Society Texas Center are made possible by support from Bank of America. Additional support provided by Asia Society contributors and members. Asia Society Texas Center is funded in part by a grant from the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

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Event Details

Sat 3 May 2014

1370 Southmore Blvd.
Houston, TX 77004

$15 Members, $25 Nonmembers. All sales final.
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