15th Annual Asia Society Texas Center Tiger Ball

Honoring the Commonwealth of Australia

Wed., June 2, 2010
Intercontinental Hotel
VIP Cocktail Reception - 6:00 pm
Grand Reveal - 7:00 pm

One of Houston's best-loved celebrations, the Tiger Ball brings together a glittering mix of business leaders, philanthropists, socialites, policymakers, intellectuals, and artists to honor Asia Society's mission: Strengthening relationships and promoting understanding among the peoples of Asia, AustralAsia, and the United States.

For 2010 we turn our eyes on Australia, a country with longstanding Houston ties, particularly through the energy industry. The choice to honor Australia seems especially apt today. Just as Houston is redefining its relationship to a changing, globalized world, Australia too is forging new bonds with its neighbors in Asia and with the United States. We believe that Texans, already great partners with Australians in commerce and culture, can benefit from learning more about the fusion of Western and Eastern cultures that make this nation such a dynamic global force.

With these goals in mind, we invite you to attend and support the 2010 Tiger Ball. Australia's Ambassador to the United States, Kim Beazley, will be our guest and play the role of diplomatic host. Mr. Sid Myer, Asia Society Trustee and Chairman of both Asia Society’s AustralAsia Center in Melbourne and Asialink, a leading think tank fostering Australia-Asia relations, is putting together a delegation of business and government leaders to join us. That delegation will participate in our Australia-themed business program planned for the day of the gala. The nominating process for both the Roy M. Huffington Award for Contribution to International Understanding and the Asian-American Leadership award has also begun with very exciting prospects.







Mr. Edward Allen
Dr. Chinhui Juhn




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