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Sculptor Vaziri-Moqaddam: 'Nobody Understood Me'

Iranian artist and sculptor Mohsen Vaziri-Moqaddam describes how he was serendipitously inspired to make "Untitled (Forms in Movement)." more

Iran: Art and Discourse - Endnote by Hamid Dabashi

Columbia University's Hamid Dabashi summarizes the proceedings of Asia Society's day-long "Iran: Art and Discourse" symposium. more

Iran: Art and Discourse - On the Curatorial

Panelists assess curatorial strategies and institutional policies concerning contemporary art in Iran and the U.S. more

Iran: Art and Discourse - On Art Praxis

Shiva Balaghi moderates a discussion on artistic praxis with Sohrab Kashani, the artists' collective Slavs and Tatars, and Roxanne Varzi. more

Iran: Art and Discourse - On the Discursive Text

Roxanne Varzi moderates a talk on the production and exchange of knowledge via text and media with Shiva Balaghi, Babak Elahi and Sohrab Mahdavi. more

Iran: Art and Discourse - Introductory Remarks

Asia Society's daylong symposium kicks off with introductory remarks and a keynote lecture by Tehran-based Hamid Keshmirshekan. more

Iran's Art World of the 1960s-70s (Complete)

Bob Colacello, Layla S. Diba and Nicky Nodjoumi revisit Iran's contemporary art scene of the 1960s and '70s. more

Shiraz Arts Festival: The Legacy for a New Generation

Mohammad Aghebati, Negar Azimi and Vali Mahlouji assess the long-term influence of the Shiraz Arts Festival. more

Shiraz Arts Festival: Iranian Artists — Another Look

Farhad Mechkat, former music director of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, joins Columbia University's Hamid Dabashi for a talk on the Shiraz Arts Festival. more