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Nam June Paik (Korean, 1932–2006). Li Tai Po, 1987. 10 antique wooden TV cabinets, 1 antique radio cabinet, antique Korean printing block, antique Korean book, 11 color TVs. Asia Society, New York: Gift of Harold and Ruth Newman
Contemporary Art Collection
Asia Society Museum's collection aims to represent the rapidly evolving field of contemporary art across Asia. more

'Hanging Fire' Roundtable (Complete)

Curator Salima Hashmi discusses the exhibition "Hanging Fire: Contemporary Art from Pakistan" with artists Rashid Rana, Asma Mundrawala, and Imran Qureshi. more
Chaitanya Sambrani speaks at Asia Society India Centre on July 22, 2009. (Asia Society India Centre)
Defining Contemporary Asian Art
Art historian Chaitanya Sambrani offers some criteria for defining, and assessing, contemporary Asian art. more
SOAK: Mumbai in an Estuary. June 23 - August 23, 2009, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
SOAK: Mumbai in an Estuary
A public exhibition and book in response to the flood of 2005. more
Listeners at Sharmistha Ray's talk on Diaspora art in Mumbai on June 15, 2009. (Asia Society India Centre)
Artists "In-Between"
Sharmishta Ray introduces key concepts and figures in Diaspora art. more
Ramsey Clark and Shirin Neshat on June 10, 2008.
Art and Satire in Iran
Panel provides context for Asia Society Museum exhibit of Ardeshir Mohasses's work. more

Art and Satire in Iran

Shirin Neshat, Nicky Nodjoumi, and Ramsey Clark discuss Iran's Ardeshir Mohassess and his art. more
Beijing Artists in Conversation
Chinese artists Tie Ying and Xu Zhongmin discuss the growth of Asian contemporary art. more
Zhang Huan, pictured, is one of the artists featured in the video.
Inside the Chinese Contemporary Art Scene
Asia Society's Melissa Chiu discusses major trends and leading figures in today's Chinese art world. Watch the video. more

Meet the Artist: Zhang Huan

Artist Zhang Huan talks with Asia Society Museum Director Melissa Chiu about his work and career in Beijing, New York, and Shanghai. more