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(Photo by sweet mustache/Flickr)

Potato Dry Curry

A simple but delicious vegetarian dish. more
Peas with Cheese (Photo by su-lin/flickr)

Peas with Fresh Cheese

One of the classic, much-loved vegetarian dishes of India. more
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Moth Beans with Seasonal Vegetables

Also called matki, protein-rich moth beans have a brownish color and a creamy interior. more
(Photo by Laurel Fan/Flickr)

Mixed Vegetable Stew with Mustard

A hearty vegetable stew featuring vegetables in season. more
(Photo by sweet mustache/Flickr)

Lentils and Vegetables with Meat

This dish of lentils with onions and spices is a Parsi favorite. more
(Photo by Sarah Serendipity/Flickr)

Indian Sweet-Sour Potatoes

Potato cubes in special spiced and a hot and sour sauce. more
(Photo by S_K_S/Flickr)

Herbed Mashed Potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes with a twist. more

Eggs on Spinach

Quick, easy and delicious meatless recipe of eggs on bed of spinach. more
(Photo by pizzodisevo/Flickr)

Cauliflower Pilau

Such a tasty and satisfying dish it needs only yogurt and chutney to accompany it. more

Water Spinach, Chinese Style

Leafy vegetables are simmered in a delicious shrimp sauce. more