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(Photo by selena lynn/Flickr)

Spinach and Corn Bhaji

Spinach and corn cooked together for a spicy veggie dish. more
Spinach with Cheese (Photo by Don't Lose Your Lunch/flickr)

Spinach and Cheese

Creamy, flavorful spinach dish perfect served with rice or bread. more
(Photo by gwarcita/Flickr)

Spicy Zucchini Purée

Creamy, delicious zucchini spiced with chilies. more
(Photo by foodistablog/Flickr)

Spicy Purslane, Sri Lankan Style

A dish that demonstrates how tasty a wild weed can be. more
(Photo by scorps1027/Flickr)

Spiced Spinach and Potatoes

A heart, healthy dish of leafy vegetables and chunky potatoes more
Chick Peas (Photo by 46137/flickr)

Spiced Chick Peas, Indian Style

Spicy herbed chick peas make a great vegetarian dish. more
Spiced Cauliflower (Photo by NancyEsq/flickr)

Spiced Cauliflower, Indian Style

Tender-crisp cauliflower sprinkled with spices and garam marsala. more
(Photo by bourgeoisbee/Flickr)

Savory Tempeh

Get the recipe for this dish of herbed, seasoned tempeh. more
(Photo by Kadeeae/Flickr)

Savory Fried Potatoes

Diced potatoes fried in creamy ghee and seasoned with spices. more
Black-Eyed Peas (Photo by dejahthoris/flickr)

Savory Black-Eyed Peas

Serve this creamy vegetable dish with rice. more