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Korean Dumpling Soup

Also called mandoo, this delicious dumpling soup is perfect on a cold, rainy day. more
(Photo by Manuel W./Flickr)

Ichiban Dashi (Primary Dashi)

Japanese soup with a delicate flavor and a fragrant aroma. more
(Photo by procrastinet/Flickr)

Crab and Sweet Corn Soup

A hearty soup of cream of corn and meaty strips of crab. more

Crab and Egg Soup

The favorite egg drop soup with delicious crabmeat and spring onions. more
Chicken Stock (Photo by Merelymel13/flickr)

Chinese Chicken Stock

Preparing good, strong chicken stock and having it ready in the freezer is a great time saver. more
(Photo by nekonoir/Flickr)

Chicken Soup with Wolfberries

Strong, clear chicken soup is considered as much of a cure-all in Chinese cuisine as the traditional chicken soup. more
Wolfberries (Photo by miheco/flickr)

Boxthorn Soup

Also called wolfberries, boxthorn has a pleasant sweet-sour taste and is rich in carotene. more
 Photo by CookieM/flickr

Adzuki Bean Soup

A nourishing soup that combines spice and warming earthiness with adzuki beans, fresh herbs and garlic. more
Shiitake mushrooms (Photo by snekse @ Gastronomic Fight Club/flickr)

Abalone and Shiitake Soup

Get the recipe for this exotic, delicate soup. more