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Deep Fried Cuttlefish Balls (Photo by sunday driver/flickr)

Deep-Fried Cuttlefish Balls

Minced cuttlefish (or squid) balls are perfect as a snack or light meal. more
Curried Fish Cake (Photo by Zesmeralda/flickr)

Curried Fish Cakes (Thot Man Pla)

Golden-brown Thai fish cakes with a spicy curry. more
(Photo by alexxis/Flickr)

Crystal Prawns with Asparagus Tips

Use tender asparagus tips in this dish of moist, tender prawns. more
(Photo by sayamindu/Flickr)

Crab Xacuti

Pronounced shaguti and sometimes spelled shakootee or shagotti. Roasted and ground coconut is an important flavor in this dish. more
(Photo by Floccinaucinihilipilification/Flickr)

Crab in Black Bean Sauce

Savory black bean sauce gives an Asian flavor to fresh, wok-fried crab. more
(Photo by panduh/Flickr)

Chinese Omelettes (Egg Foo Yong)

Egg-based dish with tasty prawns and served with a simple, flavorful sauce. more
(Photo by byte/Flickr)

Butter Prawns

A Portuguese-influenced dish of delicious prawns drizzled with a buttery cream. more
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Burmese Prawn Curry

Delicious, meaty prawns with aromatic seasonings. more
(Photo by avlxyz/Flickr)

Bitter Gourd Stuffed with Seafood

Delicious seafood in black bean sauce balances the strong flavor of bitter gourd. more
(Photo by chotda/Flickr)

Barbecued Fish (Northern India)

Perfect with Indian breads, such as naan, paratha or chapatis. more