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(Photo by dsrc/Flickr)

Garlic Scallops

Sweet, tender scallops sauteed with garlic and flavorful seasonings. more
(Photo by FotoosVanRobin/Flickr)

Fried Sataw with Shrimp

Fried shrimp with twisted cluster beans is a popular Thai dish. more
(Photo by FotoosVanRobin/Flickr)

Fried Mountain Trout with Ginger

Lightly fried, golden-brown trout served with a flavorful sauce. more
(Photo by v i p e z/Flickr)

Fried Fish Indian Style

Served this delicious spiced fried fish with a vegetable dish, boiled rice and condiments. more
(Photo by food_in_mouth/Flickr)

Fish Kofta Curry (Burma)

Not a quick and easy recipe, but one of the tastiest ways to serve fish. more
Photo by sherrenl/flickr

Fish Head Curry

A popular dish in Singapore, fish head is seasoned with flavorful spices. more
(Photo by BlueDolphin_Stefania/Flickr)

Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Tomato

A richly spicy dish balanced out by the flavor of tomato. more
Goan Fish Curry (Photo by cchen/flickr)

Fish Curry with Coconut (Goa)

A staple food of Goa along with rice, this fish curry dish is deliciously spicy and tangy. more
(Photo by sidkhullar/Flickr)

Deep-Fried Pomfret with Spicy Sauce

The bones of pomfret are very soft and could be eaten if deep-fried. Serve with a spoonful of chili-based sauce. more
(Photo by mdid/Flickr)

Deep Fried Fish with Sweet-Sour Sauce

Tender fish fillets in a sweet, slightly spicy and deliciously tangy sauce. more