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Crab Curry (Photo by iwillnotsuccumb/flickr)

Sri Lankan Crab Curry

This rich, exotic dish is a triumph of Sri Lankan cuisine. more
Indian-Style Mussels (Photo by Urban Mixer/flickr)

Spicy Clams or Mussels, Indian Style

A deliciously spicy shellfish dish sprinkled with coconut, coriander and lime juice. more
(Photo by chooyutshing/Flickr)

Sri Lankan Sour Curry of Fish

A delicious, sour curry is the best way to serve an oily, strong-flavored fish. more
Otak-Otak (Photo by closari/flickr)

Singapore Style Fish Cakes (Otak-Otak)

These highly spiced slivers of fish grilled over coals will win even the most determined non-fish-eater. more
(Photo by u n a m i/Flickr)

Singapore Prawns in Shell

Jumbo tiger prawns with shell fried in a mix of flavorful seasonings. more
Photo by yummiec00kies/flickr

Singapore Chili Crab

Sweet, spicy succulent crab in a delicious sauce. more
(Photo by 翔的/Flickr)

Simmered Fish Hot Pot

A satisfying one-dish meal typical of Japanese home cooking. more
(Photo by suanie/Flickr)

Shark's Fin Preparation

Learn how to prepare shark's fin for use in soup and other dishes. more
(Photo by avlxyz/Flickr)

Quick Boiled Fish, Chinese Style

For this dish, choose a fish with a delicate flavor since there are no strong spices to stand up to a strong-flavored fish. more
Photo by avlxyz/flickr

Prawn Laksa Lemak

Refuel with a rich, spicy bowl of laksa noodles with coconut milk, sambal and tender prawns. more