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Szechwan Squid (Photo by mswine/flickr)

Szechwan Style Squid

A spicy dish of tender squid served ideally served with steamed rice. more
Sushi Roll (Photo by insk0r/flickr)

Sushi Wrapped in Seaweed (Norimake-Zushi)

The raw fish in this recipe is not mandatory--a totally vegetarian sushi is also delicious. more
(Photo by madhatrk/Flickr)

Stir-Fried Prawns and Celery

Meaty prawns in oyster sauce get are enhanced with a crescent-shaped celery garnish. more
Steamed Scallops (Photo by -WQ-/flickr)

Steamed Scallops in Shells

Sweet, tender scallops drizzled with a delicious sauce. more
(Photo by avlxyz/Flickr)

Steamed Red Emperor with Ham

A delicately seasoned dish fit for a Chinese banquet. more
Steamed Pomfret (Photo by williamnyk/flickr)

Steamed Pomfret, Chinese Style

Tender fish in a light oyster sauce and enhanced with spicy seasonings. more
Lobster in Ginger (Photo by snowriderguy/flickr

Steamed Lobster in Ginger

Rich lobster dish is enhanced by the flavor and aroma of ginger. more
Fish Curry (Photo by nettsu/flickr)

Steamed Fish Curry

Aromatic steamed fish curry is perfect served with rice. more
Crab with Ginger (Photo by suziedepingu/flickr)

Steamed Crab with Ginger

Delicious steamed crab with ginger and spring onions. more
(Photo by PhantomMenace/Flickr)

Sri Lankan Prawn Curry

Hot and spicy prawn dish made with a delicious coconut sauce. more