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Fried Shallots (Photo by biberfan/flickr)

Crisp Fried Shallots and Shallot Oil

This is a crisp-textured garnish which adds fresh flavor to many dishes, and perfect drizzled over steamed vegetables. more
Coconut Chatni (Photo by drumecho/flickr)

Coconut Chatni

Makes a flavorful accompaniment to dosai, rice or curries. more
(Photo by alex the greek/Flickr)

Coconut and Dried Shrimp Mallung

Coconut and dried shrimp add great flavor to this dish, usually an accompaniment to a meal. more
Photo by keong-zai/flickr

Chili Sambal

Makes a great, spicy accompaniment to dishes. more
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Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Curry Powder

Make your own curry powder to spice up various dishes. more
(Photo by CorinthianGulf)

Cashew Nut Curry

Cashews in a coconut milk sauce are a rare treat. more
(Photo by anthro_aya)

Carrot Relish

You'll relish this recipe for carrot relish. more
(Photo by symbioid/Flickr)

Buttermilk Sauce (Karhi)

A recipe for Indian karhi used for flavoring and moistening rice. more
(Photo by Flickmor/Flickr)

Burmese Dried Shrimp Relish (Balachaung)

A popular accompaniment to Burmese dishes, balachaung is served with rice and even used as a sandwich filling. more
(Photo by berzowska/Flickr)

Breadfruit Coconut Curry

Spicy curry is enhanced by the meaty goodness of breadfruit. more