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Thai Masaman Curry (Photo by Spicy Bear/flickr)

Thai Masaman Curry Paste

Indian-influenced Thai curry with tangy notes. more
Thai Green Curry (Photo by ImipolexG/flickr)

Thai Green Curry Paste

Depending on the variety of chili used, this paste can range from mild to mind-blowing. more
Thai Dipping Sauce (Photo by mandydale/flickr)

Thai Dipping Suce

Serve this flavorful sauce for dipping or as a salad dressing. more
(Photo by sweet mustache/Flickr)

Thai Chili and Shrimp Sauce

This relish (sometimes called chili jam and similar to bottled nam prik pao) is delicious with rice, as a dip or fiery sauce. more
(Photo by panduh/Flickr)

Tamarind Sauce

Serve this tasty sauce with samosas, pakoras, or lentil pancakes. more
(Photo by tiny banquet committee/Flickr)

Tamarind Chatni

For an Indian inspiration, try this sweet and tangy chutney recipe. more
(Photo by Zeetz Jones/Flickr)

Sweet Chili Sauce

Made from a perfect blend of chili and raisins, this sauces adds a sweet and spicy flavor to Thai dishes. more
(Photo by chotda/Flickr)

Sri Lankan Dried Shrimp Sambal

Serve this delicious sambal as a relish with rice and curries. more
(Photo by locket479/Flickr)

Sri Lankan Dark Roasted Curry Paste

Serve this hot curry with the meat of your choice. more
(Photo by PurpleDinosaur/Flickr)

Squid Sambal

A hot sambal, popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. more