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(Photo by ssour/Flickr)

Cambodian Grilled Chicken (Mouan Ang)

A specialty in the town of Kep by the Gulf of Siam, this chicken dish tastes best when grilled outside. more
Ray Lee’s Chicken and Choy Sum

Ray Lee’s Chicken and Choy Sum

Delicious, easy homestyle recipe. more

Orange Khoresh (Khoresh-e porteqal)

Get the recipe to this delicate and refined Persian stew. more
Photo by frankfarm/flickr

Yellow Curry of Chicken and Bamboo Shoot

Exotic curry, spices, coconut milk and bamboo shoots come together for a flavorful dish. more
Photo by wendalicious/flickr

White-Cut Chicken

Also called 'Crystal Chicken', because after cooking the chicken is submerged beneath cubes of ice, which look like crystals. more
(Photo by stu_spivack/Flickr)

Vietnamese Style Quails

Quails in a light, flavorful marinade of hoisin sauce and spices. more
Chicken with Lemongrass (Photo by Premshree Pillai/flickr)

Vietnamese Chicken with Lemongrass

A fragrant and moist chicken dish, imbued with the flavor of lemongrass and spices. more
(Photo by rockYOface/Flickr)

Velveted Chicken with Snow Peas

'Velveting' is a simple Chinese cooking technique helps keep chicken breasts from overcooking. more
Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings(Photo by I'm[Pupi]/flickr)

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

Great for picnics and parties, stuffed chicken wings are a Thai favorite. more
Photo by stu_spivack/flickr

Thai Green Curry of Duck

Exotic Thai green curry complements the rich flavor of duck. more