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Noodles & Rice

Burmese Egg Noodles with Curry (Photo by pengrin/flickr)

Burmese Egg Noodles with Curry

A favorite Burmese one-dish meal based on egg noodles. Serve it with either a creamy or dry curry. more
(Photo by wendalicious/Flickr)

Black Sticky Rice with Sesame Seeds

This sticky rice dish is enhanced by a garnish of toasted sesame seeds and grated coconut. more
Photo by amrufm/flickr

Black Rice Porridge (Pulot Hitam)

A Singaporean and Malaysian favorite, this is a slightly sweet, comforting porridge served with coconut milk. more
Photo by Smaku/flickr


A delicious dish of steamed rice and cooked vegetables, bibimbap is a Korean favorite. more
Photo by zorbs/flickr

Bean Thread Vermicelli Fried with Chicken

Made from mung bean flour, bean thread vermicelli are also called cellophane or glass noodles. more