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Noodles & Rice

Idli (Photo by roland/flickr)


A delicious, savory steamed rice cake and South Asian favorite. more
Brown Rice (Photo by Arria Belli/flickr)

Gobo and Hijiki with Brown Rice

A rice dish enhanced by the earthy flavor of gobo and healthy hijiki. more
Basmati Rice (Photo by In Praise of Sardines/flickr)

Ghee Rice

Flavorful rice dish, also called basmati rice, cooked in dollops of rich ghee. more
Photo by yewenyi/flickr

Fried Rice

Use leftover cold rice to make a filling, delicious dish. more
Photo by acme/flickr

Fresh Rice Noodles, Fried

This is the famous char kway teow that hawker stalls in Malaysia and Singapore make for customers in minutes. more
Photo by mindelei/flickr

Crisp Fried Rice Vermicelli (Mee Krob)

This is a dish usually known by its Thai name (mee grob or mee krob) and one by which many a Thai restaurant stands or falls. more
Congee (Photo by Special*Dark/flickr)


This flavorful, filling porridge is a traditional Asian breakfast. more
Photo by Premshree Pillai/flickr

Coconut Milk Soup (for Rice)

This is not served as a soup on its own, but as something to make boiled rice moist and flavorful. more

Chiu Chow–Style Pork Spring Moon

A light, subtly-flavored noodle dish enhanced by minced ginger. more
Photo by Subspace/flickr

Chilled Buckwheat Noodles

In Japan, cold noodles are served with tasty dipping sauce and seasonings. more